What is Whey2Go?

Whey2Go is a fully recyclable, single use bottle filled with 30 grams of high quality dry whey protein. To use Whey2Go, just add water to the fill line, shake and consume. 

Five Reasons Why You Should Use Whey2Go:

1) Convenience- No Refrigeration, No Prep, No Hassle

2) Durability- Designed to Endure the Strain of An Active Lifestyle

3) Quality- American Made with Only Five Ingredients

4) Nutrition- 30 Grams of Protein with Only 4 Grams of Carbs, 2.5 Grams of Fat and 1 gram of Sugar

5) Company Values- Whey2Go is Veteran Owned and Aims to Employ and Help First Responders and Military Men and Women

Check out this video below, from our original

IndieGoGo Campaign, to learn more.


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