Whey2Go and the California Wildfires

Whey2Go and the Butte/Valley Fires


What have we done?


Since 9.11.15 the Whey2Go team has been working tirelessly to provide support and nutrition for the first responders and victims at both the Butte and Valley fires. Whey2Go has partnered with private entities and large corporate sponsors to be able to deliver over 4,000 bottles of Whey2Go, free of charge, to all those affected by the fires. That is over 120,000 grams of protein in less than a month. In addition to the donation of protein, members of the Whey2Go team have partnered with the 10-33 foundation, Samaritans Purse and K-Love Crisis Response care to give emotional support to the victims of the fires as well as the first responders dealing with the impact of the disasters. Members of the team have spent every weekend since the fires broke out being at the Incident Command Posts, fire stations, police stations and recently, the disaster sites. Members of the team have worked with Samaritans Purse to help victims of the fire sift through the rubble and find valuables after victims homes were completely burned down. To date, Whey2Go team members have spent over 300 hours and driven over 7,000 miles to provide support.


How did it start?


On September 7, 2015, Founder and CEO of Whey2Go designed a campaign called whey2go remembers to show support for first responders on the anniversary of 9/11. Throughout the week leading up to the 9/11, Whey2Go offered a special $2 per bottle rate on each bottle of Whey2Go. An individual or business from the community could sponsor a bottle at that rate and it would be personally delivered with a custom note to a first responder thanking them for their service. On 9/11 the Whey2Go loaded up the Whey2Go truck and traveled through Sacramento, San Joauquin, Placer, Amador and Calaveras counties delivering over 500 bottles to individual first responders and departments. While on this journey, Byrdette, Eric and Scott started to hear more and more about the impact that the Butte Fire was having and the impending disaster that was going on. Through contacts gained via the Whey2Go Remembers campaign, the team was able to drive up to the Plymouth Fairground Incident Command Post to deliver bottles of Whey2Go to the firemen and support staff stationed there. Whey2Go was an immediate hit with the first responders and we were asked to bring up more bottles if at all possible.


The next weeks became a whirlwind of traveling, loading, packing and making calls to private and corporate donors to partner with Whey2Go to enable the company to bring more and more bottles to the firefighters. After delivering another approximately 3,000 bottles to the Butte Fire, Whey2Go was offered the opportunity to travel to Clear Lake, California to deliver bottles to the Valley Fire Incident Command Post via the 10-33 foundation. The team quickly loaded up a pallet in the Whey2Go truck and traveled over 5 hours round trip to bring bottles to these men and women fiercely fighting the blaze.

After this trip and many more trips like it, the Whey2Go team decided to shift its gears as the fires calmed down. Whey2Go and its team partnered with Samaritans Purse to provide support and aid to volunteers and victims in San Andreas, California. To date, the team has been to three separate homesites where the homes were completely destroyed. The team spent the day with other volunteers across the country, removing debris, sifting through ash and providing emotional support to the homeowners who have lost everything. Of course, Whey2Go was brought up in full supply and the homeowners, volunteers and staff were all given the opportunity to drink Whey2Go and were given bottles free of charge.


Whey2Go is still in the midst of this campaign as they prepare for another trip to the Motherlode and another weekend of providing support for yet another family who has lost everything.